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If you are getting married in Iceland probably you are looking for an Iceland wedding photographer maybe you will find a lot or probably tons of results.The answer to that question it is quite simple because Iceland is one of the best places to get married on earth. Every year many people choose Iceland as a wedding destination attracted by the insane amount of Iceland photos of beautiful landscapes and places to visit.



 Iceland destination wedding locations

Iceland is definitely a special place, every Iceland wedding photographer will say you have a lot of elopement ideas to choose or a full wedding. The city of Reykjavik offers a lot of options for your wedding venues like the Hotel Budir, near Búðir which is a stylish hotel in the middle of a lava field or the special church of Hallgrímskirkja, situated in the center of Reykjavík.

 5 best destination wedding locations in Iceland

Of course, if you travel so far, searching for an elopement wedding in Iceland, maybe the best option and my personal preference will be travel around the golden circle and make an elegant wedding in Iceland stopping in the most special places like this top favorites, that make your Iceland marriage epic.Iceland engagement photographer best places to get married.

  1. Waterfalls like Skogafoss or Seljalandsfoss
  2. Fjadrargljufur Canyon
  3. Black Beach Vik
  4. Stykkishólmur, small and beautiful fishing town where you can find a lot of old buildings.
  5. The awesome valley between Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon and town of Höfn.

Professional wedding photography in Iceland

As a wedding photographer, you can imagine Photography is my passion, I give and do my best for it simply because I can’t do it another way. In every wedding, my aim is to create an original story focused on capturing authentic moments, letting things happen naturally.Your wedding story must be the mirror image of yourselves and your own unique connection.”


Elopement photography Iceland

For me, wedding photography is a constant search for looks, gestures, and allusions which define you, it is a challenge that draws me forth and passionates me every time I take my camera.Trust, attention, closeness and freedom, that is what I offer as an Iceland wedding photographer, I want you to enjoy and make the most of every second of your day. Walk with you as a professional, but not as a stranger, and that you enjoy the rest of your path together through my wedding photographs once and again.

My style to your engagement session will be based on my photojournalism or documentary photography.That’s why social photography, the one in which people and stories shine above everything else, is doubtlessly where I want to be wherever these stories happen. When I began to take photographs as a way of sharing stories, I became aware of the importance of photography as a means of treasuring memories, and that this little camera has a huge value and influence on us.

I love good stories, that’s why I love cinema and nowadays I love series even more. To focus on the light, color, and framings used by each director and try to know how he/she does it is something I do a lot and it helps me as an inspiration to find new ideas.



Destination wedding photographer

About myself, I would say that I obviously love photography, it is my tool to show you a different version of the world which presents to us every day before our eyes.

There is a lot about me in my photographs, about what I like (and what I do not), what inspires me (cinema, music), and what moves me (people). My style is all together a reflection of the decisions made a few seconds before I shoot a picture, along with the person who is behind that picture.

I am a sociable person, I love sharing and learning new things, especially those which end up surprising you or making you feel more human.

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