Rustic wedding in Spain

Rustic wedding in Spain unveils the charm of tradition.

Nayra & Omar’s rustic wedding in Spain was a long-awaited moment, where this amazing couple finally got to enjoy their wedding day in Asturias.

A rustic wedding in Spain, Asturias

We started at El Palacio de Agüera, a place that I always enjoy visiting. I will tell you more about this wedding venue in Asturias later. The atmosphere, as usual on wedding days, had that tense calmness, but it blended well with the excitement and eagerness to enjoy the day.

Palacio de Agüera bodas 2023

As I mentioned before, a daytime wedding in Spain usually starts very early, as the wedding ceremony is often scheduled for noon. As a wedding photographer, there are many photos to take before that moment, so there is no time to waste.

Rustic wedding in Spain

As a wedding photographer in Spain, this is something that I love, as from the very first moment, you can see the hustle and bustle, the nerves, and the excitement that we photographers love to capture.

The Palacio de Agüera is one of the coziest and most beautiful wedding venues in Asturias that, as a wedding photographer in Spain, I have had the pleasure of working at.

A hidden gem in a corner of Asturias surrounded by forests and mountains, the Palacio de Agüera is a very special place. In every wedding they celebrate, Mar (at the head of this beautiful project) takes care of every detail so that your celebration is exactly as you have imagined it, a perfect day in a place that none of your guests will forget.

Fotos de boda en Palacio de Agüera bodas 2023

Rustic wedding in Spain at Palacio de Agüera, the beginning of an unforgettable day.

I must confess that as a wedding photographer, this wedding venue in Asturias brings back very good memories. I have done many wedding photo shoots there. I still remember when they were about to inaugurate their first wedding season in Asturias and I visited that project which, to this day, is one of the most charming wedding venues you can find to celebrate your rural wedding in Asturias.

Fotos de boda en Palacio de Agüera bodas 2023

One of my favorite spots is the wooden corridor located on the first floor of the palace. We usually use it for the getting ready photos. As a wedding photographer, I always look for the most flattering light, and this is the ideal place to take photos of important details such as the shoes, the wedding dress, and more.

Boda en Gijón La Hacienda de La Llorea Jose Castano Fotógrafo de bodas Asturias
Boda rural en Asturias Jose Castano Fotógrafo de bodas en Asturias 2023

Religious wedding ceremony in Oviedo.

As a wedding photographer in Spain, I have the opportunity to photograph religious wedding ceremonies in many different churches throughout the year. The Chapel of Rey Casto has a special charm and is a great choice as you can celebrate your wedding in Asturias right in the center of Oviedo.

Rustic wedding in Spain – photoshoot at the Palacio de Agüera.

We took advantage of the gardens at the Palacio de Agüera to have a quick couples photoshoot on the wedding day. This allowed Nayra & Omar to fully enjoy everything that was happening at their wedding cocktail hour, including live music, cocktails, and much more.

Remember that the most important aspect of your wedding in Asturias is to thoroughly enjoy the company of your friends and family.

My goal as a wedding photographer

As a wedding photographer, my aim is for you to thoroughly enjoy your wedding day to the fullest. After all, it is a day that passes by in the blink of an eye, and the most precious aspect is for you to have a fantastic time and to walk away with wonderful memories.

As a wedding photographer in Spain, capturing those special moments and being able to assist my couples in remembering and reliving them is a tremendous responsibility that drives me to improve with every wedding season.

Following a memorable cocktail reception featuring live music by Body & Soul Trio, the party moved indoors to the Agüera Palace, a truly unique space for hosting your rustic wedding in Asturias. With a genuinely ambiance and surrounded by nature, it was the perfect setting for continuing the festivities.

Rustic wedding in Spain

The ensuing celebration at the Agüera Palace was nothing short of epic, from the newlyweds’ dance to the first song that ignited the party. In short, it was a wedding celebration that was second to none.

As a wedding photographer, it was an absolute pleasure and a wonderful experience to capture every special moment of Nayra and Omar’s rustic wedding in Spain at the Palacio de Agüera. From the laughter and hugs to the tears of joy, I had the privilege of documenting every detail and creating unforgettable memories for their wedding album. Without a doubt, the best part of my job as a wedding photographer in Spain is knowing that my photographs will allow them to relive those special moments time and time again in the future.

As wedding photographers, our goal is to turn your wedding photos into a lifelong memory. We specialize in capturing the best moments of your wedding day. Our wedding photos are distinct, capturing the essence of the moment.

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