Wedding photographer in Spain

I am José Castaño, a wedding photographer in Spain, but willing to travel anywhere in the world to capture the most special day of your life.

If you desire photographs that capture the essence of the moment, I would be delighted to hear your story.

Fotógrafo de bodas en Asturias

The finest wedding reportage.

As a wedding photographer, my goal is to achieve the finest wedding reportage. I am committed to transforming the photographs of your wedding into a lifelong memory.



Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

Palacios para bodas en Asturias


Wedding photography

Wedding photographer

My work in less than 1 minute.

As a wedding photographer, my philosophy is clear to maintain naturalness and leave room for emotions. I want to be with you as a professional photographer and capture every emotion so that your wedding endures forever.

My photography takes inspiration from cinema, which is why I photograph each wedding as if it were a movie being made especially for you.

Fotógrafo de Bodas en Asturias 2023

Wedding photographer

The key is to enjoy your wedding.

Therefore, you can rest assured that I will be capturing all the moments you want to remember and those that you may have missed while tending to every detail.

Now let’s talk about your wedding and your unique love story

Mejor fotógrafo de bodas en Asturias Jose Castano

A different photography style.

My philosophy as a wedding photographer:

Attention, closeness, and care for every detail.

The value of your memories.

My goal is to create a wedding reportage that you will never forget.

I want you to be able to recall the happiest moments of your wedding through my photographs and thus preserve them forever.

Fotógrafo de bodas en Asturias

The best photos of your wedding.

Photographs filled with emotion, naturalness, and without uncomfortable poses.

Let’s create a unique memory!

If you want photographs that capture the essence of the moment without uncomfortable poses.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Wedding photographer


Choosing the wedding photographer who will accompany you on such an important day is not an easy task, which is why it is essential to ensure the investment with the right person.

An experienced photographer will know how to capture unique images of you and your partner.

As a wedding photographer in Spain, for over 7 years, it has been my responsibility and pleasure to capture the most important day in the lives of many couples.



Planning a wedding is not an easy task, but sometimes the advice of other couples who have walked your same path can be helpful.


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